What to Expect


Parking is easy at the church. First time guests and those with special needs are encouraged to park in the center lot. Follow the exit signs for additional spaces - right on 136th street and then left behind Wells Fargo. Additional parking is located across the street on Hawthorne Blvd.  All areas are within a short comfortable walk to the church . We hope that you will enjoy the services. 







Around 11:00 we all meet in the church. After a focused time of singing and prayer - the smaller children are released to their teachers and classrooms.Older children are encouraged to remain with the adults.  Myrtle Cole directs our children's education programs. She is a retired City of Hawthorne school teacher and has a real love for what she does.

                                              Worship Gathering

We normally begin our service around 11 AM.. Please feel free to come early - we have coffee and good-natured people to meet. The entire service usually last around 90 minutes.   During the service we take time to sing and pray. (If you have a pressing prayer need - find Pastor Greg  before the service). We also take time to greet each other because relationships are among the most important things in life. Pastor Greg then shares a message from the Bible, and after a final song we end about 12.30 PM.

 We have Bibles in the pews, and often use them at times during the service. Please take one home if you want to start looking into the Bible on your own.

For those with friends or family who mainly speak Spanish, there is a Spanish service at 1.30 PM.   

We invite you to come by the Fellowship Hall after service - we have a  small gift that we'd like to give you, and there is  a small group sign up sheet -for those who would like to get involved in a smaller Bible study setting.